【BL】Novel;Drama CD Recommendation【Suzufuji Miwa】

This novel complete a long time ago. But the spin off; Senaka awase no Koi Drama CD will out at the end of February guess I gonna use this as chance to introduce a little bit of the story.


Rakuen no Uta; Idol x Ordinary High School
[Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi]

Full Novel: HERE (Japanese) | pandora save your heart song: HERE
Drama CD: Google it
Summary of Rakuen no Uta 1: HERE
Summary of Rakuen no Uta 2: HERE
Illustrator: KazuAki (Starry Sky)
Rating: R-18

Sasamoto Nachi a gloomy date megane high school student heard song that the lyrics that he knows.
He back home he ask his twin sister; Rimu to give the email address of Idol that sing that song.
Then he start to pick fight with that Idol; Kurusu Shin.
It turn he is the one who wrote those lyric and his sister submit it to KIX; shin’s band when they open lyric contest. The present to winner is able to see the recording of promotion video.
Shin interested in Nachi, and begin the life of Nachi being bugged by Shin everyday wwww.
If you like Idol Group. Give chance to this Novel;DramaCD


Senaka awase no koi; Idol x Idol
[Terashima Takuma x Matsuoka Yoshitsugu] Kirito from S.A.O

Full Novel: HERE (Japanese)
Drama CD: 27 Feb 2013 
Illustrator: KazuAki (Starry Sky)
Rating: R-18

This is spin off of Rakuen no Uta,
"Teach me how to dance" Fumito meet Ichiya at training school. Aim to be Number 1 and they become somewhat like brothers.
After that two of them debut as members of idol group NUMERO; Junior group to KIX [Shin Group]. Fumito feeling to Ichiya become more that what it suppose to be. It is one-sided love.
Then new beginning to Fumito while carried those feeling, even how painful it is, how hurts he is. This Love cannot be knows by anyone…In order to walk beside you…

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